Ballerina+ Pointe Training Band

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Ballerina+ Pointe Training Band

Achieve The Perfect Arch For Pointe Technique!

Use this Ballerina+ Pointe TrainingBand to get that beautiful elegant foot arch effortlessly!

Superior Stretch

Whether you are new to pointe and about to get your first pair of pointe shoes or have danced for many years, you should never stop exercising your feet to gain strength.

This ballet foot stretch band is constructed with high and durable elasticity for optimum foot stretch exercise.

Easy Wear

This elastic band is easy to use. Simply roll it twice, wrap around on your toes, and stretch it until it reaches the back of your ankle.

It helps improve your feet and is especially helpful if you are preparing to transition to pointe shoes.

Improves Foot Arch Flexibility

Rubber bands are good for stretching your feet because they provide resistance.

Using this band for foot exercise works your calf muscles and is excellent for strengthening your foot for pointe work while improving the foot arch flexibility.

Fits Any Foot Size

It comfortably fits any foot size and suitable for ballerinas, dancers, ice skaters, and even gymnasts.

It’s also easy to carry where ever you go so you can do foot stretch exercises any time you want!

Give your foot a nice and effective stretch exercise for a perfect pointe arch using this Ballerina+ Pointe Training Band! Grab yours TODAY!


Material: Latex Rubber

Size: 500 x 50 x 0.9mm

Available Color: Green

Package Inclusion: Get 1 pair of Ballerina+ Pointe TrainingBand

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Ballerina+ Pointe Training Band