Artsy Acrylic Paint Dispenser


Artsy Acrylic Paint Dispenser

What are all the techniques you can try with acrylic pouring? There are so many ways to approach any art form!  Artsy Acrylic Paint Dispenser  is what you need to Achieve Ultimate Control for Acrylic Pouring!


The liqueur funnel is made of high-quality material, which is why it is very stable and robust. This material is perfectly suited for contact with any paint liquid therefore extremely resistant to any chemical! Additionally, it can also be cleaned quickly and easily.

Perfect Control

The funnel stand gives you the stability you need. It holds the funnel firmly in place so you can dispense precisely without mess. With this handy and lightweight pouring tool, you can easily fill up any size of surface without worrying to dispense too much at one go!

Stable Operation

This piston funnel is supplied with a stable handle for stable operation. Makes dispensing and pouring onto painting surface quick and easy. With minimal mess, the funnel keeps work areas clean.

Hurry and get Stunning Acrylic Painting Done Effortlessly with our Artsy Acrylic Paint Dispenser !


Size: 14cm x 9.8cm x 13cm

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