RVAlign Laser Loading System


RVAlign Laser Loading System

RVAlign Laser Loading System

Having Trouble Loading Camper By Yourself? Worries No More! We got you covered!

Load A Truck Camper Onto Pickup Truck In Mins! Perfectly Align Truck Camper Every Time With RVAlign Laser Loading System! 

RVAlign Laser Loading System- Perfect truck camper loading assistant!

This system comes with a complete set- heat sink, 3V battery pack with switch, and a mounting plate. The laser projects out the sliding rear window of truck to form a plane.  A driver can “see” the laser docking lines in his wing mirrors when the truck and trailer are approaching the docking lane. This guides the driver while backing up to the loading dock. Also, the laser lines provide a visual indication that the trailer is centered to the loading dock.

Easy DIY Installation

Simply mounted RVAlign in the center high mount break light so it could be used for slide in campers, 5th wheels or bumper pull trailers, this can allow for projecting a perfectly vertical and centered green laser line down the back of your truck bed.

How It Works?

  1. Measured between the bed rails to establish the center of the truck bed and marked the mounting plate.
  2. Then mounted the laser-centered on this line
  3. Drew a vertical line down the middle of 3 double-sided tapes, and stuck the three pieces on the front of your camper to form a centered plane.
  4. Lastly just back up, aligning the projected laser plane with the plane on my camper, and the two align perfectly – every time!  No more guessing about misalignment and a stress-free hook-up.

Loading of the truck camper is now much easier, faster and a lot less stressful! Precisely load camper in one go! Get One Now!!


Material: Aluminium, Rubber

Voltage: 3(V) – 5(V)

Light Color: Red

Package Inclusion/s: 1 Pc of LAser Module/ 1 Set of RVAlign Laser Loading System which consists of:-

  • 12mm Adjustable Focal Length Laser
  • 2 Sections with Cover and Medium Alligator Clips
  • 12mm Laser Radiator