ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder


ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder
ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder

Looking to cover up or correct your thinning hair? ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder is a premium hairline coverage touch-up powder that instantly fills in those embarrassing bald spots and patches to give you full, natural-looking hair.

Build & Conceal Bundle: Hairline Powder (4g) & Hair Fibers (28g)

“I got two of these, one for my wife, and one for myself. This product is amazing! I have tried so many products to cover up my thinning hairline, and nothing has worked. I was about to lose all hope until I found this ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder. It does exactly what the description says it does. This is a great product, very easy to use. Love it!”—Michael Jenner—Breckenridge, Colorado

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“I have fine hair that falls out a lot, and I have bald patches in my head. This ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder is just amazing! I used to cover up my bald spots with makeup and leave it at that. But when I had this, I could now go out without worrying about how others will look at me. It is super easy to apply as well!”—Samantha Pattinson—Augusta, Georgia

How does ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder work?

Get the fuller, thicker, and more natural-looking hair you desire with the ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder! This hair powder is an easy-to-blend, no-clump formula that creates an ultimate hair-like effect without being noticeable. This product offers scalp and hair-friendly ingredients which are ideal for daily application without clogging or causing damage and disruption in hair growth. Additionally, this touch-up powder does not leave any sticky or greasy feeling to your roots which is unlike other products.

ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder

This exceptional long-lasting quality powder supplies a waterproof and sweatproof formula that works perfectly on all hair types, even allowing you to freely run your fingers through your hair without staining or smudging. Simply dab the included sponge puff onto the bald spots, tap it with the powder, and voila! The look of real hair is achieved. Compact enough to fit into your purse, this portable container makes it easy to enhance your hair thickness appearance anytime, anywhere!

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If you have thinning hair and are looking for a quick and easy way to cover the scalp, this is the product for you! Here are the features of this product:

  • Effectively create a natural hair-like effect

ATDTX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder is the first and only smart hair-loss concealer powder that gives you an instant thickness enhancement appearance to cover up embarrassing balding spots. It can be used to conceal unwanted new growths of graying hair too. This touch-up powder offers a blendable coverage without clumping or anyone knowing it’s fake, so you can feel confident at all times!

ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder

  • Impressive long-wearing formula

Prevent the scalp from being exposed by this ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder that provides seamless and flawless coverage for your thinning hair. With an impressive long-wearing formula, it firmly adheres to the follicles and prevents smudging or spreading even when you rub or run your hands through your hair. The root concealer also prevents any staining while resisting rain and sweat so it must be removed only after shampooing.

  • Premium, scalp, and hair friendly

ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder is formulated with a premium and scalp-friendly formula that covers the sparse spots without clogging or ruining the growth cycle of hair. It can imitate the texture and feel of real hair so it does not leave any greasy, sticky, or powdery finish. It can be used to conceal sparse spots, receding hairline, and balding areas on the crown, middle line, front hairline, sideburns, beard, and more possibilities.

ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder

  • Neatly fill in any gaps

This ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder can neatly fill in any gaps in your roots for an instant and fuller look. Simply open the packaging then dip the included puff sponge to the powder and gently tap it onto the thinning areas to fill in the color until you get your desired coverage. The touch-up powder does not fly out or dust when applied so it’s easy to use, mess-free, anytime. Available in 13 natural shades that can cater to and match various hair colors – you’re sure to find one that’s right for you!

  • Conveniently Portable

Unveil your hairline today with our ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder. The professional, drug-free solution is packed in lightweight, mini containers that can be stashed into your bags or essential kits without taking up space. Allowing you to conceal shameful balding spots and modify your hair into a thickened, salon-like style anytime, anywhere. Ideal when you’re on travels, business trips, vacations, work, dates, and hotels just to name a few situations where it’s not easy to get a haircut.

 ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder

Package Includes: 1 x ATTDX Hairline Coverage TouchUp Powder

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