ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo


ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo
ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo

Transform your hair color at home with ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo. Use in the shower to create your perfect look, with long-lasting color!

ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo

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“I was looking for a product that would change my hair color without using harsh chemicals and something to make my hair look naturally dyed. I tried ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo and was not disappointed! I got so many compliments on the color and how healthy it looked! This is natural looking and easy to use.”—Allison Mitchell—Aurora, Illinois

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“I’ve been using the ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo and it is amazing. I used to go every 6 weeks, but now I can go 3 months without having to hit the salon. I am able to get the color right from the shampoo and keep my locks looking vibrant and alive. I would definitely recommend this product if you want to save some time and money at the salon!”—Bettany Hudson—Natchitoches, Louisiana

ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo

How does ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo work?

The ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo provides an effortless in-shower treatment that instantly dyes the locks from root to tip with the perfect color blend. No worries as it also conditions and beautifies the tresses so you can confidently dye them while ensuring their overall health and texture. Allowing you to turn your dull tresses with salon-like vibrant new pigments without the need to run to a professional hair colorist.

ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo

The ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo is a safe and effective coloring shampoo that can last for weeks with minimal fading. It maintains its gorgeous high vibrancy without the unpleasant yellowing and brassiness for that freshly colored hair look and feels. This magic color shampoo is formulated with professional-grade, hair-friendly ingredients that are safe for all hair types and colors. It will take your locks to the next fashion-colored level with ease!

Special Features of ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo:

  • Instantly colors the hair to create vibrant and amazing colors.

ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo is the perfect coloring shampoo that combines the perfect blends of hair dye and hair shampoo. Providing you with an effortless in-shower treatment that instantly tones your natural tresses with a stunning wash of pigment without the need to run to the salon. We’ve also added conditioning ingredients to ensure that your tresses are nourished and beautified as a real shampoo does.

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  • Easy Non-Bleach Dyeing

Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated dyeing processes and harmful bleach dyes that only damage your scalp and locks. This ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo is so easy to use, simply use it just like how you would with a regular shampoo. Wash your hair normally with clean water until it’s all wet, then apply a proper amount of the coloring shampoo evenly from roots to tips. After that, wait for at least 15-20 minutes to let the color hold then rinse thoroughly for that remarkable dyeing effect.

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  • Fade-defying Solution

Unlike other hair color shampoos which are only meant to enhance the hair color of your tresses, this ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo can help you maintain that gorgeous shade longer. It has a fade-defying formula that preserves the vibrancy of your dyeing look for several weeks even with washing. This will keep you from having to re-dye frequently, offering you time to focus on other things in life and reducing the stress of balancing between work and beauty.

  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free: Safe to use

Our ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo is formulated with 100% vegan and cruelty-free super mild ingredients. It provides an exceptionally vibrant hair dyeing and conditioning performance from root to tips of any hair type and color. The shampoo gently holds onto the tresses, avoiding breakage, drying, fallouts, and other hair damage so that your hair appears healthy, shiny, and beautiful. This is one product that you must try for yourself!

ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo

  • Multiple Vibrant Colors

Add instant dimension and subtle shine to dull locks with ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo. This ultimate instant hair color shampoo comes in a range of high-vibrant, stunning hues to rock on. You can now play around with a more sophisticated look or go for a little more intensity and whimsy hair pigment style!

ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo

ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo

ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo

ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo

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1/2/3pcs x ATTDX Non-Bleach Vibrant HairDyeing Shampoo (100m)

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