Bio Magnetic Earrings (4 PCS)

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Get a slimmer body and a healthier physique effortlessly!

Start using these Bio Magnetic Earrings. They allow you to use ear acupuncture to aid weight loss and improve health!

WORKS ON UNPIERCED EARS – The earrings are held together by magnetism – no clips! So if your ears are not pierced, you can still wear these earrings!

PULSATING ACUPRESSURE – The practice of auriculotherapy involves the use of magnetic pressure on acupoints, several of which can be found on the ear. Regular stimulation of the ear acupoints provides good health effects.

EASY TO USE – Simply press the ear magnet against the ear acupoint you want to affect. Press it 10 times or more. Do this daily to get results.

GOOD FOR WEIGHT LOSS – Applying ear acupuncture to the endocrine point will help improve the system, which has a slimming effect. This also suppresses appetite so you can prevent overeating.

BOOSTS METABOLISM – Acupressure on the proper points can also speed up the basal metabolic rate, increase your energy level, improve circulation and normalize blood pressure! You will sleep better and feel less stressed.

Achieve your ideal figure easily and cut down on food cravings! Order your Bio Magnetic Earrings today (get 2 pairs in each set).


Material: Fine Polished Stone

Dimensions: 1.2 x 1.2 cm

Net Weight: Approx 4 g

Package Inclusion/s: 1 set containing 2 pairs of Bio Magnetic Earrings (4 pcs in total)

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Bio Magnetic Earrings (4 PCS)