TouchSmart Digital Drawing & Writing Notebook

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One of the best things that technology has offered us is that we are able to accomplish several things all at once.

This concept is embodied on every mobile phone, laptop computers, and especially on gadgets like the TouchSmart Digital Drawing & Writing Notebook.

This is a must-have for every office worker, student, and even artist!

Write, Draw, Edit, and Annotate

  • Jot down or record notes during meetings, conferences, and more.
  • Draw sketches…
  • Edit or write comments or annotations on files, reports, presentations, and other documents.

  • Allows you to write notes and sync it to your phone instantaneously!

Unique Carry-Everywhere Notebook Design

  • Perform all your tasks anytime and anywhere with its compact and lightweight notebook design.

  • Fitted with a magnetic strap fastener to secure flaps together for added convenience and protection.

Instant Device Connectivity

  • Simply connect this product to your device via USB.

  • Work without hitches or glitches on your files through your phone or laptop computer.

Multiple Software Compatibility

  • Compatible with Android, Mac OS, and Windows Surface.
  • Supports word processor file formats like MS Windows, Adobe PDF, OneNote, and PPT…

  • Suitable for Adobe programs like InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, and more…

  • Also ideal for use on CAD and Sketchbook file formats.

User-Friendly Stylus Pen

  • Wireless electromagnetic pen, no need to charge or insert batteries

  • It has an 8192 pressure sensitivity which allows smooth drawing!
  • Adjustable stroke thickness, making it suitable for art sketches!

This product is perfect for digital artists, writers, business people, and even students alike.

Put technology to your advantage and accomplishing multiple tasks wherever you are. Use the TouchSmart Digital Drawing & Writing Notebook and perform efficiently and conveniently.

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Size: 24cm x 20.4cm

Options Available: Black, Light Blue, Red

Package Inclusion/s1pc. TouchSmart Digital Drawing & WritingNotebook

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TouchSmart Digital Drawing & Writing Notebook
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