Box Drink Deflector


Box Drink Deflector
Box Drink Deflector

Easily pour liquids into boxes!


  • Box beverage diverter

It can be used to seal and preserve unfinished packaged milk and drinks to keep them fresh and prevent odors.

  • Drink dispenser

The box drink diverter is made of high quality material for durable and long-lasting use and can be used as a very good dispenser.

  • Food Guard Materials

Our drink deflector is made of high quality food grade resin, which is non-toxic and harmless and can come into direct contact with food. So feel free to use it.

  • Wide application

Our drink deflector can be used for a variety of packaged drinks and is simple and easy to use, keeping them fresh and easy to pour.


  • Material: ABS+PP+PEDF
  • Weight: 34.6g
  • Size: 2.2*6cm


  • 2/4 * Box Drink Deflector
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