Wall Stain Remover Roller Paint


Wall Stain Remover Roller Paint
Wall Stain Remover Roller Paint
Small roller brush wall repair tool, can easily remove all kinds of stains, dirty shoe prints and children’s naughty colored pen graffiti on the wall.


  • The formula of environmental protection latex paint is free of odor or formaldehyde, waterproof, quick-drying, dust-free, and safe for children, the elderly, pets and chemically sensitive people. Dry quickly within 10 minutes. Even if you accidentally smear it on your hand, it is easy to wash it off with water
  • With a small roller brush, you just need to gently squeeze it out and roll it back and forth on the wall to remove stains, cracks and graffiti .
  • First clean the dust on the wall with a towel, then open the bottle cap, squeeze out the latex paint, and roll it on the wall. After use, if the cover is not perfect, you can wait for 10 minutes and cover several times to achieve the perfect effect. The brush head can be removed for cleaning after use for the next use


  • Size:12*6*4cm/4.72*2.36*1.57inch
  • Net weight:100ML


  • 1* Wall Stain Remover Roller Paint
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