Cat Itch Mitigator


Cat Itch Mitigator

Cat Itch Mitigator

Comfortable and soft

This comb is made of soft material, which is very soft and comfortable, and can comb cat hair.


Place catnip

Catnip can be installed inside to induce cats to actively rub their hair.

Massage function

This product can massage the cat while combing cat hair, so that the cat can enjoy the massage.

Easy to install

According to the cat height, it is very easy to install in the door, corner or other place.

Durable material

This product is made of PP material, high quality material, more durable and long service life.

Cute shape

This product is in the shape of a cat and looks very cute. The product also comes with a pack of catnip.


Style: cat shape / normal shape
Cat shape color :Blue / black / brown
Cat shape size :8.25in *11.40 in(L*W)
Cat shape weight: 13.4oz
Normal shape color: blue / black /brown
Normal shape szie:5.12 * 3.54in
Normal shape weight: 5.5oz

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