CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm


Before we introduce our product, let’s look at our happy customers

CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm

“Wow. I did not expect this to work at all (usually the case with cellulite treatments) and then a week after using it once a day, I looked in the mirror, and the cellulite was gone! I’ve spent tons on products over the years and had taken a hiatus of probably many years from cellulite reducing products, but something made me try this, and I’m so glad I did.”

Mona Anderson — Toronto, Canada

CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm

“I had given up on cellulite and my uneven wrinkly thighs after two pregnancies. My friend told me about this body balm. So one month later here I am, I’ve been using it everyday and am seeing results as shocked as I am! The results are so good. I believe it’ll give me the results I’m after. I am beyond happy with this CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm! Also I lost a few pounds too which helped with the results. Anyway there you have it! Try it before you knock it.”

Carrie Austin — Dallas, Texas

How cellulite occurs?

CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm

As fat cells increase, they push up against the skin. Tough, long connective cords pull down. This creates an uneven surface or dimpling, often referred to as cellulite. Cellulite is a very common, harmless skin condition that causes lumpy, dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen.

Does cellulite mean your fat?

CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm

Cellulite is the normal fat underneath your skin. As your fat cells build up, they push up through the connective tissue that holds your skin and muscle together. The connective tissue is a network of fibrous cords.

Cellulite is commonly found on:

CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm

CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm

CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm

CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm restore your beautiful skin by providing a boost in natural collagen production and increasing skin cell longevity. Firm, Tighten and Tone your skin with rich antioxidants, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory ingredients, the natural essential oils included in this blend are sure to be quickly absorbed by your skin and give you strong tightening, moisturizing and regenerating benefits.

CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm

CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm a powerful blend of Herbal Ingredients works to reduce the appearance of cellulite by firming skin and smoothing out unwanted bumps. Our formula also includes high quality herb extract which stimulates circulation allowing nutrients to get to skin cells.

Consist of 3 Key Ingredients For CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm:

  1. Birch Extract – Effective Fat Burner
  2. Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) – Reduce Cellulite and lines on skin
  3. Gromwell Extract – Restore skin elasticity

CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm

Birch Extract Medicinally, birch has many uses; high in anti-inflammatory methyl salicylate, it’s used as a powerful pain reliever. Both the leaves and branches can be used to treat sprains, strained muscles and headaches, and steaming the leaves can help clear sinus congestion.

CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) has been able to suppress age-associated weight gain, enhance energy metabolism and physical activity, improve insulin sensitivity, improve eye function, improve mitochondrial metabolism and prevent age-linked changes in gene expression.

Gromwell Extract Gromwell (Lithospermum erythrorhizon) has been used as an herbal medicine for treatment of various abnormal skin conditions including wounds, inflammation and healing burns.

This is why CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm is special

  • 5X more Collagen Strengthening than other similar products
  • Carefully formulated with 2000mg of NMN and packed with natural ingredients.
  • Remove Cellulite Effectively
  • Increase Metabolism and Shred Fat
  • Fast absorption, Not greasy, Moisturizing Skin for up to 16hrs
  • Hygienic Applicator, Germs-Free
  • Worked for Over 96% of the Users
  • Portable Design, easily storage inside small bag or make-up pouch
    CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm


Natalie’s 30 days of CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm report

Have had cellulite for many years. I began using this product because I was searching for a skin tightening regimen and I stumbled across this item so I figured I’d try it out. I am surprise with the result.

Here is the result…

Day 1

“I use it right after I shower. It absorbs into my skin well and does not leave a greasy feeling. After I use it, I don’t need to apply extra lotion. The smell is a nice light scent. I’m not sure if I have any cellulite reduction yet, but I will definitely continue to use it and monitor. I really like the all natural products in this body balm.”

Day 14

“I’ve seen dramatic improvement in my skin. I’ve been using this product for about two weeks now and it works great. Cellulite are fading. My problem for about a year is being solved. I keep using it for the best result. “

Day 30

“This is amazing, I have never bought a product that gives the results it states. My skin has tighten and my stubborn fat is also slowly disappearing. I’d totally recommend this product to all my moms out there. I always apply it after shower. It’s important you follow instructions if you want to see real results. Love it and will definite be ordering more.”

Natalie Hoffman — Auburn, Alabama

This Body –Balm saves you tons of money!

CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm’s all natural ingredients are carefully made to make a huge impact not only to your skin but also saves you tons of money in the long run.

Originally only Available in Clinics

Several ladies here at the office have already used this and have seen positive improvement already. This alternative can save over $2,500 per year from expensive spa visits.

CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm

  • Avoid Expensive Sessions
  • Avoid time consuming Appointments
  • Use in the Comfort of your own home
  • ​Powerful Strength
  • ​Use when traveling!

How to Use:

  1. Apply on the part you desired twice per day.
  2. Use it daily for the best result.

Product Details: CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm

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CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm
CelluLoss Herbal Tightening Body-Balm
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