THERMA’Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks


THERMATrim Herbal Self-Heating Socks

Achieving the perfect arm shape has never been easier!

THERMA'Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks

THERMA’Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks is a unique adjustable arm patch that combines RF & IONIX technologies to help break down fatty acids under the skinreducing cellulite to give a slimmermore sculpted look!

 Before we start, let’s see our happy customers!

THERMA'Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks

“Really helps to lose arms fat!”

“I was really frustrated that I have flabby arms for many years. I have tried dozen of arm shaper and electronic devices but none of it works on me. My friend recommended me to give a try on THERMA’Trim. I bought it and after only a week I started to see a difference, so I kept using it for 2 months, I’m glad I did.. I feel confident in a bikini now! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Janet Bolles
Phoenix, United State

THERMA'Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks

“I was skeptical at this first, so I tried to use this trimmer on my right arm first. At the first day, my skin felt tightening the next day but not as smooth as I wanted, but after 8 weeksI found that my arms has a huge difference! You can see my picture, my both arms get slimmer and sculpted lookNo more sagging skin!” Kristal Jones who aged 38, submitted this photo on her journey with THERMA’Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks after using for 8 weeks. Congrats on the success!

Kristal Jones
New York, United State

Self-Heating Technology

THERMA'Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks

THERMA’Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks made with graphene fiber. When you wearing on the trimmer, it will start self-heating and releasing IONIX elements which help promoting blood circulation, melting down fat cells and helping body detoxify.

THERMA'Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks

THERMA'Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks

Because of the constituent element is “carbon”, it has heat absorption and thermal diffusivity. When the fiber cloth mixed with graphene and the general fiber cloth are at 37 degrees Celsius, electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of 8~14μm are emitted. The temperature attached to the human body expands the microvascular wall through thermal expansion and contraction, accelerates blood circulation, promotes metabolism, and has the effect of making the human body’s physiological functions more active.

Benefits of Graphene Fiber Fabric
• High thermal conductivity
• Antibacterial, de-odorizing
• Boost metabolism, Body Detoxify & Fat Burning Helper

How does THERMA’Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks works?

Since fat also responds to a lower temperature than other cells in the body, heat can be used to destroy fat cells without damaging surrounding skin and tissue. The liquefied fat is eliminated by the body in the weeks following treatment, so you see results develop gradually.

HSG self-heating fabric is connect directly to the bloodstream. It help our subconscious notice if part of our body isn’t receiving enough blood and make changes to the bloodstream as necessary. In particular, this property positively impacts the hormone system and positive effects on its metabolism, digestive system, and enhancing fat cells melting effectiveness. 

THERMA'Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks


  • No Battery Required 
  • Effective fat cells melting and skin tightening
  • Reduce 85% of excess Lymph Fluid in 2 Months
  • Unclog Bloodstream and Lymph Nodes
  • Quick & Non-Invasive
  • Accelerate Metabolism
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – air breathable fabric
  • Wireless and Portable
THERMA'Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks

Check out Jenny Hampton 8-week leg shaping journey

“I never really liked exercising, and it doesn’t help that I work long hours sitting in front of a computer every day. Because of that, my body suffered a lot of aches and pain, and it led me to become overweight. I just found this socks while scrolling through an online shop. For the 1st week of wearing this socks, I lose 12 pounds already! “

“So, for the 4th weeks, I really saw an incredible change! I found my knee socks slimmer, I felt healthier, and I lost about 35 lbs of weight too! It’s really amazing how crazy the difference is!”

“After 8 weeks of wearing it, I was astonished by the results!  I found that not only my arms, my body also looks so different! Because of the trimmer, I’ve lost a total of 70lbs. My body feels fit, and more defined, free from bloat and toxins! I’m really happy I found the THERMA’Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks, it has really transformed my body and my life!”

Jenny Hampton
Coventry, United Kingdom

“I feel like I’m finally happy and confident with myself and my body! I had slow metabolism before I wore THERMA’Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks, I know surgery isn’t the best choice for me, so I tried this arms trimmer. My sagging arms skin are gone after 8 weeksIf you’re struggling with fluid retention, puffiness, or weight loss, try this trimmers!”

Arturo Smith
Adelaide, Australia

Package Includes: 1x THERMA’Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks

THERMATrim Herbal Self-Heating Socks
THERMA’Trim Herbal Self-Heating Socks
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