Cheerble Wicked Egg: Interactive and Entertaining Toy for Pets

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Cheerble Wicked Egg: Interactive and Entertaining Toy for Pets


Jiggling, spinning, rolling, sparkling, tossing, and more Wicked Egg has been engineered with features that help feed, entertain, and train your pets.

Cheerble Wicked Egg has a sweet egg-shaped design with interactive features that will entertain your pets for hours. Your pet’s natural inclinations will be satisfied by the toy’s soft, sturdy exterior, which is ideal for biting, scratching, and pawing. Wicked Egg is an ideal toy for dogs that enjoy playing puzzles. This toy plays a major role in encouraging playful behaviour.

Non-toxic materials: The Wicked Egg is made with non-toxic Polycarbonate and TPU materials.

Cheerble Wicked Egg


With Wicked Egg, your pets’ senses are stimulated mentally and physically in a way that normal food dispenser toys don’t provide. The Wicked Egg releases rewards and treats only when your dog beats the level set by you.

We recommend kibble that is 12mm (half an inch) in diameter for the best experience.


Automatically stops for 30 minutes after each 10-minute play.


Just rotate to take off the cap, press a button to turn it on, select a play level and let the games begin!

The wicked egg has starter, advanced and expert difficulty levels. when your dog beats the level you set. The toy opens the gate and dispenses food. Wicked Egg is perfect for dogs who love puzzle challenges.


The Wicked Egg holds a world of delights inside. With its inventive motion sensors, the toy reacts to your pet’s motions with alluring melodies and engaging motions. Your pet jumps, chases, and engages with the egg, giving you both hours of entertainment.

Cheerble Wicked Egg
Cheerble Wicked Egg


Built-in lights glow and change colours, which makes the playtime exhilarating. The striking lights draw your pet’s attention and produce a visually interesting environment, keeping them interested and amused.

Wild wobbling stimulate your pet’s hunting instinct


The Wicked Egg replaceable shell makes it a cost-effective solution for pet parents.

Key Features

  • Fully automatic treat dispenser
  • Expandable difficulty levels
  • Paw-proof materials
  • Responsive Interaction
  • Improved safety and easy maintenance
  • USB Rechargeable

The Wicked Egg encourages fitness and mental stimulation for your pets and providing wonderful time. This toy prevents boredom and encourages your pet to be energetic, and helps in maintaining their mental agility.

Package Included

  • 1 x The Core
  • 1 x Outer Shell
  • 1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Wicked Egg a chew toy?

A: No, It is not made for chewing. It is a treat-dispensing toy. It is used for entertainment and mental stimulation for your pet.

Q: How does this Wicked Egg work?

A: With its interactive feature, the Wicked Egg is intended to engage and entertain pets. It attracts pets by using light, sound, and wobbling movements, and it delivers light and motion feedback with each touch. The Wicked Egg dispenses food and plays sounds to reward your pet.

Q: What materials is Wicked Egg made of?

A: It’s made of Polycarbonate & TPU materials.

Q: What size treats are compatible with the Wicked Egg?

A: Recommended kibble 12mm / half an inch in diameter. Do not use wet food.

Q: Can kittens use a Wicked Egg?

A: Yes.

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Cheerble Wicked Egg: Interactive and Entertaining Toy for Pets
Cheerble Wicked Egg: Interactive and Entertaining Toy for Pets
Original price was: $119.98.Current price is: $59.98. Select options