Cithway™ One-way Privacy UV Protective Window Film

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  • Maximum Sun Shading
    A multi-tasking window film that promotes a superior light absorption filter, and a light reflective layer. Allowing it to be applied directly on windows and effectively blocks off 99% harmful ultraviolet rays and blinding sun streaks by reflecting them away. It evenly reduces the impact of sun damage and successfully protects indoor furniture from fading, discoloration, cracking, and pre-aging. This window shade also shields you from the risk of skin cancer, photoaging, burns, skin wrinkling, and such due to too much exposure. What’s more? It offers an additional thermal insulation layer that works to control the temperature inside your home space. Thus, it decreases the heat during the hot summer months while retaining warmth during the harsh chilly winter. Making your home an all year-round restful and comfortable space to stay in while also saving you more energy costs.

Cithway™ One-way Privacy UV Protective Window Film

  • Anti-Peeping Privacy Protection
    Adopts an excellent one-way tint that delivers a great amount of reflection to give a mirror-like appearance. Providing your space a sense of total privacy by keeping passerby, neighbors, and unwanted nosy eyes from being able to see through inside. It lets you freely and comfortably do your everyday tasks while the sun’s up with safety and a peace of mind. No worries as its reflective privacy design only prevents people from outdoors peeking through while still allowing anyone from inside to clearly see outside.
  • Extra Window Strengthening Effect
    Uses an advanced nanotechnology process and is constructed with the finest of PET plastic materials. It promotes an exceptional versatility and durability which creates a beneficial extra strengthening effect to any regular glass. Enhancing the safety of your windows and home by not only limiting glares and peepers, but also by making it explosion proof. It bonds seamlessly into any window and helps to hold the pieces of broken glass together from splashing dangerously everywhere. Making it an ideal layer of protection in case of home breakage, smash-and-grab robbery, accidents, warfare, and such.
  • Easy Glue-Free Installation
    Adopts a convenient electrostatic adhesion that securely clings against any glass types without the complicated messy gluing. Preventing it from peeling or slipping off the windows even after exposure to different temperatures. Simply wipe your window clean and dry first, peel-off the protective film, then spray water onto the glass. After that, apply the protective shade, press/scrape it firmly to adhere and remove bubbles, and done. The anti-peeping shade can be also removed in a breeze without leaving any unwanted marks and sticky residues behind.

Cithway™ One-way Privacy UV Protective Window Film

  • Multi-Scene Application
    Applicable for a variety of smooth and clean glass types. Suitable for living room windows, bedroom windows, kitchen windows, sliding door glass, balconies, offices, buildings, condominiums, hotels, apartments, and more possibilities.


  • Size: 0.4x1m / 0.4x2m / 0.5x1m / 0.5x2m / 0.6x1m / 0.6x2m
  • Style: Light blue silver / Dark blue silver / Double-sided silver / Black silver / Full black

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Cithway™ One-way Privacy UV Protective Window Film

Cithway™ One-way Privacy UV Protective Window Film
Cithway™ One-way Privacy UV Protective Window Film
Original price was: $21.90.Current price is: $10.95. Select options