Zakdavi™ PestBlast Lamp Guard


Introducing the PestBlast Lamp Guard: Your Ultimate Defense Against Pests!

Zakdavi™ PestBlast Lamp Guard

The Zakdavi™ PestBlast Lamp Guard is a league of its own, boasting an ultra-efficient UV light technology that you won’t find in any other pest control lamp on the market. Unlike traditional devices that use harmful chemicals, our lamp offers a non-toxic yet extraordinarily effective solution, safeguarding both your home and loved ones.

Simply plug it in, and let its long-lasting UV bulbs work their magic. For unparalleled pest elimination that’s also eco-friendly, nothing comes close to PestBlast Lamp Guard.

Advanced UV Spectrum: Where Innovation Meets Pest Elimination

Here’s how it works:

Zakdavi™ PestBlast Lamp Guard

  • Ultrasonic Technology: The device emits ultrasonic waves that are inaudible to humans and most pets. These waves are highly effective at repelling a range of pests including mosquitoes, insects, mites, and even mice.
  • Mirrored Sound Waves: The PestBlast Lamp Guard utilizes mirrored sound waves to enhance the propagation of the ultrasonic waves. A sound hole at the back of the device prevents wave reflection, creating a mirrored sound wave effect. This improves the efficiency of sound wave distribution and helps reduce noise levels.
  • Night Light Functionality: The device also features a night light with 56 carefully arranged lamp beads that emit a gentle warm white glow. Unlike standard night lights with broad, diffused light sources, the PestBlast Lamp Guard emits light with ultra-low diffusion (<120°), which does not inhibit the secretion of melatonin in the pineal gland. This ensures a sleep-friendly environment.
  • Automatic Lighting Management: The device is equipped with an intelligent lighting management system. During the day, the PestBlast Lamp Guard remains inactive to conserve energy. At night, it automatically activates, providing both pest repellent and gentle illumination.
  • Power Efficiency: The PestBlast Lamp Guard is designed to be energy-efficient, consuming no more than 1W of power. This contributes to environmental conservation and reduces energy costs.
  • Safe for Humans and Pets: The ultrasonic waves emitted by the device have no adverse effects on humans and pets. It provides a natural and safe alternative to chemical-based pest control methods.


Product Parameters:

  • Product Name: PestBlast Lamp Guard
  • Rated Voltage: 90V~220V
  • Rated Frequency: 50/60HZ
  • Power Consumption: ≤1W


  1. Begin by plugging the provided power adapter into a suitable outlet.
  2. Once connected, the indicator light will illuminate, indicating that the PestBlast Lamp Guard is ready for use.

Zakdavi™ PestBlast Lamp Guard

Frequently Asked Questions for Zakdavi™ PestBlast Lamp Guard

Q: How does the Zakdavi™ PestBlast Lamp Guard work?

A: The device uses advanced ultrasonic wave technology, emitting waves that deter pests like mosquitoes, insects, and even mites. The mirrored sound wave effect enhances the wave propagation for better results.

Q: Is the device safe for pets and humans?

A: Absolutely. The ultrasonic waves are inaudible to humans and most pets. The device offers a chemical-free, safe alternative to traditional pest control methods.

Q: What is the Night Light feature?

A: The PestBlast Lamp Guard comes with a built-in night light that emits a warm white glow. The light is specifically designed to have ultra-low diffusion, which is sleep-friendly and does not inhibit melatonin production.

Q: Does the device consume a lot of electricity?

A: No, the PestBlast Lamp Guard is extremely energy-efficient and consumes no more than 1W of power. It also features automatic lighting management to conserve energy further.

Q: What is the coverage area for the device?

A: The device is effective in an area of 600 square feet. For larger spaces, we recommend using multiple units for optimal results.

Q: Can I use the device outdoors?

A: Yes, absolutely. Waterproof Design for Indoor and Outdoor Use.

Q: What is included in the box?

A: The box contains one Zakdavi™ PestBlast Lamp Guard and a user manua.

Package Includes: 1 x Zakdavi™ PestBlast Lamp Guard

Zakdavi™ PestBlast Lamp Guard
Zakdavi™ PestBlast Lamp Guard
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