Collapsible Wall Mounted Drying Rack

Collapsible Wall Mounted Drying Rack

Invisible and Foldable

Open when in use, and can be folded when not use, save space and use flexibly

Wide Use

Hang clothes straight out of the dryer for fewer wrinkles & less ironing. Air dry clothes outside your back or balcony doordry damp towels & swim suits out by the pool or hot tub.

Excellent Load-bearing Capacity

Support over 60 lbs, offer 25% more clothes storage than all other imitators available on the market.

Never Rusty Material

High-quality space aluminum material will not rust even in the bathroom.

Never more worry about the following things

Reasonable Design

Rounded Corners: Avoid accidental cuts

Solid Hook: Slide left and right as you like, strong and durable

Track Groove: Fix the support rod to prevent sliding

Support Rod Groove: Prevents the rod from slipping out.

Easy Installation

Very simple installation, just tear off the sticker the back, apply glue(free gift), and wait 72 hours. (It can also be installed with nails)

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