Manual Garlic Twist Crusher Box


Manual Garlic Twist Crusher Box
  • Cooking in the kitchen can not do without garlic, garlic paste with a kni*fe is always very troublesome, try our Garlic Twist Crusher Box, easily rotate a few rounds, garlic paste is done!


  • [Simple Garlic Crush] Put garlic into the crush box, and then rotate the lid for several rounds, garlic paste is done.
  • [Anti-splash] Box design, make sure garlic paste stays in the box, avoid garlic splash when rotating.
  • [Mincing Teeth] The box lid and box interior are all have multi mincing teeth, mincing teeth are beveled in both directions for more efficient crushing.
  • [Multifunctional] The crush box works on all root vegetables, such as turmeric, garlic, ginger, shallots, and more!
  • [High Quality] Made of PP material, no smell, non-toxic, easy to clean.
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