Curling Hair Dryer Diffuser


Curling Hair Dryer Diffuser
Give your hair a noticeable volume and life! Get your handy hairdryer and make breathtaking curls with this Curling Hair Dryer Diffuser!

Just attach this diffuser onto ANY Hair Dryers to get curly waves even as you blow-dry!

Curling Hair Dryer Diffuser, Curling Hair Dryer Diffuser

REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN – No fuss, no frills procedure! This cylinder diffuser is simply fitted to your hair blower or dryer. It then converts the air from your blower to create a whirlwind that spins your hair into flawless curls & locks!

Volumized Hair and Wavy Locks in SECONDS! – Get TANGLE-FREE, ULTRA-SOFT wavy curls in a snap, just like that!

Curling Hair Dryer Diffuser, Curling Hair Dryer Diffuser

SAFE – This diffuser is your safer alternative to heat curling, as it uses just air to create natural waves and curls. No hair burning, no long waiting! It’s so safe it can even be used to curl a child’s hair.


  1. Wash hair, partially dry and apply a holding spray or gel.
  2. Attach the diffuser on the blow dryer.
  3. Put sections of hair inside the diffuser cylinder, turn on blow dryer low to moderate heat
  4. Move the diffuser up and down on your sectioned hair for approx. 15 seconds then repeat on all sections of hair you want to be curled.
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