Double Tip Lower Lash Eyeliner


Double Tip Lower Lash Eyeliner
Double Tip Lower Lash Eyeliner

Double Tip Lower Lash Eyeliner

Make your eyes more pleasantly popping even miles away with this double tip lower lash eyeliner!

This eyeliner pen is designed with a fine dual-pronged tip that lets you easily create a precise and neat lash-like hair in no time. Allowing you to achieve a gorgeously-looking pronounced and longer lower lashes that would surely make everyone stare and wow. It provides an impressive staying power and waterproof performance that can hold out against water, sweat, and tears. You can wear it all day and night without smudging, cracking, or fading for that lasting perfectly lined and well-pigmented lashes. Moreover, this pro lash liner is fast-drying so you can confidently apply anytime with not a messy drip or smearing.

The double tip lower lash liner features an ergonomic, pen-like design for a much optimized gripping, control, and comfort. It delivers a rich color in just an easy, ultra-smooth and tug-free gliding that’s ideal for beginners and professional makeup artists alike. What’s more? This lash liner is also applicable for defining brows, creating dual eyeliner styles, covering hairline, and achieving various makeup looks. Suitable for daily use, partying, clubbing, photoshoots, vacations, work, dates, birthdays, holidays, festivities, concerts, and more possibilities. Made with premium, skin-friendly ingredients that is safe to be used everyday without any eye irritations.

Give your lower lashes the perfect boost using this double tip lower lash eyeliner!


  • 3D Dual-Tip Lower Lash Liner
    A makeup must-have eyeliner featuring an ultra-fine, dual-pronged tip that glides smoothly along the lower lash line. Allowing you to effortlessly create a precise lash-like hair in a breeze totally mess-free. You can now have an enhanced, perfectly defined lower lashes for a more eye-catching, brightened appearance. No need to inconveniently and chaotically stroke one by one line your bottom lash line every single time anymore!

Double Tip Lower Lash Eyeliner

  • Long-Lasting Performance
    Adopts a long-lasting wearing and superior waterproof qualities that can withstand water, tears, sweat, and rain. It can maintain its shape and pigment all throughout the day without smudging, cracking, or fading. Additionally, the lower lash eyeliner offers a convenient quick-drying formula that enables it to be lined and not drip or smear during application. Suitable to be worn for daily use or when you’re out partying, clubbing, photoshoots, vacations, work, dates, birthdays, holidays, festivities, concerts, and so on.

  • Ergonomically Design
    Comes in a slim and non-slip easy-to-hold structured design for maximum maneuverability and comfort. It naturally and flawlessly delivers a proper amount of liquid with each line so you won’t have to constantly reline or create wobbly and broken lash lining. Moreover, this lash eyeliner can be used for multiple makeup sessions without experiencing hand fatigue, strains, and other discomfort. Making it the best choice for beauty newbies, professional makeup artists, salons, cosplayers, makeup enthusiasts, and such.
  • Multi-Use Lining
    Perfectly achieve various makeup looks and eye aesthetics in just a simple lining. It can stunningly line out lower lashes, define your brows, creating unique dual eyeliner styles, covering hairline, and more possibilities. No worries as it is completely suitable and gentle to be used daily for all skin-types. Available in colors black and brown to complement naturally and meet your different beauty needs.

Double Tip Lower Lash Eyeliner

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic formulation of natural minerals and organic ingredients that boasts an excellent pigmentation and staying power. It can be applied to the skin without experiencing irritations, itchiness, allergic reactions, or even discomfort and sensitivity in the eyes. What’s more? This lower lash eyeliner does not also emit any harmful and strong odors to ensure overall health and safety.


  • Net weight: 0.8g
  • Shelf year: 3yrs
  • Color: #1 Light brown / #2 Dark brown / #3 Charcoal

Double Tip Lower Lash Eyeliner


  • 1 x Double Tip Lower Lash Eyeliner
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