Easy Faucet Sealing Insert


Easy Faucet Sealing Insert
Easy Faucet Sealing Insert
Looking for solution on your leaking faucet? Water pipes? 

No need for raw materials like Teflon Tape or Thread Seal Tapes. Introducing FNB Easy Faucet Sealing Insert!


Leak-proof Faucet Sealer – No need for raw material tape. Sealed with silicone gasket. Just put the FNB Easy Faucet Sealing Insert and its good to go.


High Temperature Resistance – Made for durable material with no peculiar smell. 

Easy to install – Saves time and effort. Just insert the faucet sealer and tighten the water pipe. 

Wide Range of Application – Adopt universal inner pipe diameter, standard diameter, 4 point female thread can be use.

Package Include: 1 x FNB EasyFaucet Sealing Insert (20mm) 

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