EdiJonah® BewtyBum Maca Plumpy Up Cream


EdiJonah® BewtyBum Maca Plumpy Up Cream
EdiJonah® BewtyBum Maca Plumpy Up Cream

Experience the remarkable effects of EdiJonah® BewtyBum Maca Plumpy Up Cream as it enhances skin metabolism and stimulates the development of buttock muscles, resulting in a firmer and more voluminous hip and buttocks. Embrace the opportunity to bid farewell to sagging and flat buttocks with this effortless butt-lifting solution!

The flysmus™ BewtyBum Maca Plumpy Up Cream works by promoting skin metabolism and stimulating muscle growth. With its active ingredients, the cream enhances skin renewal and collagen production, resulting in a healthier and more vibrant appearance. By nourishing and supporting buttock muscles, the cream helps improve muscle tone, making the hip and buttock area firmer and fuller. Specifically targeting sagging and flat buttocks, the cream offers a simple solution to lift and shape the buttocks, providing a more sculpted and enhanced overall appearance.

What Makes This flysmus™ BewtyBum Maca Plumpy Up Cream Be The GREAT CHOICE?

  • ✔ Achieve a notable lift for your buttocks
  • ✔ Enhance the fullness of your butt’s appearance
  • ✔ Improve firmness and texture of the buttocks
  • ✔ Prevent sagging of the butt over time
  • ✔ Hydrate and soften the skin surrounding the buttocks
  • ✔ Help firm up the hips
  • ✔ Harness anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • ✔ Promote healthy blood circulation in the buttocks’ skin
  • ✔ Suitable for all skin types, providing ease of use and safety
  • ✔ Formulated with all-natural ingredients.

EdiJonah® BewtyBum Maca Plumpy Up Cream has the following product:

Usage Directions

  1. 1. Use a small amount of EdiJonah® BewtyBum Maca Plumpy Up Cream & apply to the desired area twice a day.
  2. 2. Massage thoroughly & gently until absorbed.
  3. 3. Start seeing result in just 1 week.
  4. Recommended Use: 2x A Day After Bathing

PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 x EdiJonah® BewtyBum Maca Plumpy Up Cream

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