Efficient Universal Drilling Tool

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Full grinding and anti-rust treatment, burr-free and clean. Equipped with sharp pointed tip that allows fast penetration and evacuation of debris as you work.

The Efficient Universal Drilling Tool has a YG6X tungsten steel alloy head which has lower resistance, higher accuracy, and is more resistant to wear.

Very sharp cross tip that drills through any surface neatly without breaking it.

The anti-slip triangular shank guarantees a secure fit and is compatible with electric, manual, and bench drills.

Drills on iron, copper, aluminum, wood, steel plate, ceramic, brick, plastic, and other materials. Glass, marble, complete ceramic tile, granite, and any materials you can think of!

6.35mm hex shank fits into all power tools more quickly and securely; compatible with most electric hand drills, as well as bench drills with fast change chuck locking.

As a raw material, it is constructed of high-quality YG6X alloy. The drill hardness is increased by the process of oxynitriding the cutter head.

Each Bits: 5/7 pieces
Bits Sizes: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Material: YG6X alloy
Package Inclusion: Efficient Universal Drilling Tool (x1)

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Efficient Universal Drilling Tool
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