MegnetField Therapeutic Gentlemen Ring

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MegnetField Therapeutic Gentlemen Ring

Extra strong magnets (3000 gauss each, 4 total) Double the attraction of other rings for more effective pain and inflammation relief.

Don’t waste your time with weaker magnets, normal bio-infrared or negative ion bands.

Pure titanium: 100% hypoallergenic. It does not contain lead or nickel; no more allergic reactions commonly found with other metals. A fantastic and modern look on men and women (unisex).

Facilitates aids in the natural process of your circulatory system, strengthening your physical and also emotional health.

Very elegant, no one will suspect that it is therapeutic. Reduce neuropathy pain, tendonitis, fatigue and muscle tension. Improves blood circulation, energy, balance and sleep.

Solves Insomnia and Frequent Urination. This balances the magnetic field in the entire body promoting better sleep, decrease night urination, and increased fertility.


Magnet Strength: 3000 gauss each
Thickness: 0,08 inches ( 2 mm )
Width: 0.24 Inches ( 0.6 mm )
Material: Titanium

Package Includes:

1 x MenLasting Therapeutic Magnetic Ring

MegnetField Therapeutic Gentlemen Ring
Original price was: $25.40.Current price is: $7.70. Select options