EZSew Laser Vision Guide


EZSew Laser Vision Guide

EZSew Laser Vision Guide

Sew Straight Line Without Markings!

Straight Sewing Guide
These handy devices create a laser beam that appears just in front of the needle, showing where the stitching line falls. Helps you sew straighter and with no marking. Perfect for straight-line quilting, stitch-and-flip corners, dot-to-dot quilting, stitch in the ditch, seam allowance, topstitching, and more even sewing zippers.

Ideal For Free Motion Quilting
EZSew Laser Vision Guide especially dot sewing laser would help as a guide for free-motion quilting. You can start and stop at an exact point. The dot also helps when quilting right up to the edge of a section without coming up short.

Fits ALL Sewing Machine
EZSew Laser Vision Guide comes with a magnet that is easy to attach and remove from your sewing machine, serger, and embroidery machinesBendable arm so you can position the laser anywhere you like.

Width-Adjustable Laser
You can adjust the tip of the laser to increase the light width when sewing dim color fabrics. It comes with three laser shapes: a line, crosshair, and dot to chose from for your different sewing project.

Sew Straighter And Precise!
This Laser Guide Is Made For All Sewist!
Get yours now!


Length: 130CM

Color: White

Plug: US Plug

Package Inclusion/s:

Option: 1PC Dot Sewing Laser

1PC Straight Line Sewing Laser

1PC Crosshair Sewing Laser

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