FAIRYNails Wire Art Spider Gel


FAIRYNails Wire Art Spider Gel

 FAIRYNails Wire Art Spider Gel

Draw Amazing Butterfly Nail Art With Ease using this FAIRYNails Wire Art SpiderGel!

Want eye-catching butterfly nail art but don’t have skills? Now you can make your own unique nails! Make thin nail art lines even with zero skills using this FAIRYNails Wire Art SpiderGel!!

Thick Gel With Amazing Elasticity

FAIRYNails Wire Art SpiderGel is made with excellent adhesion, thick viscosity and does not shrink. Does not flow to avoid any mess while you are working on your nail art masterpiece.

Get perfect gum consistency to make very fine lines like a ”Spider Web”.

Easy To Use Even For Beginners

Try on different techniques to apply FAIRYNails Wire Art Spider Gel. Use it for hand painting, drawing, pulling lines, striping and more. Perfect for beginners or pro nail artists.

Multiple Colors You Can Choose From!

FAIRYNails Wire Art SpiderGel is long-lasting and can last up to 4 weeks with proper application. Experiment with various available colors and achieve the best combinations that suit your preference!

Works On ALL Nails

Suitable for natural nails, nail tips, fake nails, UV gel nails, or acrylic nails. You can also use FAIRYNails Wire Art SpiderGel to design butterflies on papers, cellphone cases and more!

Get Gorgeous Butterfly Nail Art Even At Home!

DIY your nails with FAIRYNails Wire Art SpiderGel! Buy yours NOW!

How to Use:

  1. Draw design over base coat.
  2. Cure under LED or UV light. For LED light 30-60 secs and UV light 2-4mins.
  3. Make sure that each layer is completely dry.
  4. Finish off with top coat.
  5. Keep container tightly sealed and keep out of sunshine.


Net Content: 5ml

Options: A421, A422, A423, A424, A425, A426, A427, A428, A429, A430, A431, A432

Package Inclusion/s: 1pc. FAIRYNails Wire Art SpiderGel

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