Fab Nail Dip Kit

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Fab Nail Dip Kit
To all the ladies out there who loves to go to nail salons and have their nails pampered we have a new product that you will surely love! It is SAFE and FABULOUS! Introducing the Fab Nail Dip Kit.
Fab Nail Dip Kit is a SALON QUALITY gel DIP POWDER, a new form of NAIL PAINT that is SAFE and won’t make any DAMAGES to your nails. This kit will give you a LIGHTWEIGHT, NATURAL FEEL, STURDY finish that LASTS for 2-3 WEEKS. It is an ORGANIC processed POWDER combined with liquids ENRICHED with CALCIUM and VITAMIN E to give you a STRONG, DURABLE, and SHINY nails that really lasts.
Fab Nail Dip Kit does not REQUIRE a UV light. The application process is QUICK and EASY. Easier than the traditional acrylic and hard gel polish application. It has NO ODOR. NO CHEMICALS. FEEL FREE TO TRY ALL!
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