FarmPro Animal Feed Drill Bit Mixer

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FarmPro Animal Feed Drill Bit Mixer

FarmPro Animal Feed Drill Bit Mixer

Effortlessly Mix Animal Feed With Driller with FarmProAnimal Feed Drill Bit Mixer!

Inefficient manual mixing of feed and wasting manpower for your farm? Manual mixing takes a lot of time to allow all animals to get a balanced intake of ingredients from their feeds.

Introducing this FarmProAnimal Feed Drill Bit Mixer to relieve you of the pain of back pain and solve the trouble of sore arms. Enjoy an easy, fast, and simple mixing of animal feed!

No Tiring Manual Feed Mixing Anymore!

Reduce the working strength and fatigue of hands by using FarmProAnimal Feed Drill Bit Mixer. No need to burden your body with extra work. Greatly saves your labor and time! Allows your animals to receive a balanced food supply.

Special Paddle Design

Mixing action virtually with the unique paddle design gives a pull to the feeds down into your bucket, providing splatter-free operation. FarmProAnimal Feed Drill Bit Mixer is made from sturdy carbon steel with high-quality plating that gives corrosion protection and easy cleanup after use. Directly clean by rinsing without rubbing or wiping!

Fast & Easy To Use

Put FarmPro Animal Feed Drill Bit Mixer directly into the feed bucket and then all the feed can be mixed well! No need to fill the feed by stagesdirectly put the feed into one bucket and then stir to mix perfectly! All feed can be mixed to a balanced level in a short time!

Fits ALL Standard Drills

FarmPro Animal Feed Drill Bit Mixer can fit most of the drills on the market. No need to buy additional adapter tools, making these easy to use for everyone!

Works on ANY Kind Of Feeds

Mix any kind of feed well, whether it is solid or liquid! FarmProAnimal Feed Drill Bit Mixer can mix wet and dry feeds well to give your animals a better and balanced feed. Keep your animals healthy, always!

Save On Expensive Animal Feed Mixers!

The best way to mix feeds efficiently. Get this FarmProAnimal Feed Drill Bit Mixer NOW!!!


Material/s: Carbon Steel


  • 50mm × 220mm
  • 50mm × 370mm

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. FarmProAnimal Feed Drill Bit Mixer

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