Hockey+ Restoration Balm

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Hockey+ Restoration Balm


Hockey+ Restoration Balm

Clean puck marks on your goalie pads INSTANTLY with the help of this Hockey+ Restoration Balm!

There’s nothing worse than the musty, rotten smell of dirty hockey goalie pads. On top of that, it won’t just smell up your car, it’s actually unhealthy. Dirty hockey equipment is a breeding ground for bacteria that are harmful to the skin, and if left untouched long enough it can actually smell on your body up to hours after you’ve taken a shower.

Bring cracked, dull leather back to life!

This cream not just cleans and restores but also protects the goalie leather.

Long-Lasting Barrier Protection Technology

Prevent any further cracks from sun damage, leather oxidation, and aging

Make leather look like NEW!

Easily Removes Scratches, Stains or Grime!

Perfect for ANY color of leather and can be used for furniture, shoes, bags, and more.

Easy 1-WIPE safe restoration process!

Just wipe it on the leather surface at it will automatically repair fades, scratches, and worn-out parts instantly without causing any damage to the leather!

Saves your precious time and money from expensive professional leather repair visits!

Restore, maintain, and keep leather materials in shape NOW!!


Net Weight: 60 grams

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. Hockey+ RestorationBalm

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