Fizzy Easy Can Opener

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Fizzy Easy Can Opener


Tired of hurting your nails when opening your favourite  soda in can?
No more worries with the new Fizzy Easy Can Opener that lets you open
soda cans instantly without hurting your nails

Just insert, use the handle and open it! So you don’t have to
damage your new polished nails.

Protect your drinks from dirt, dust, bees and insect.
This opener also covers the can opening so nothing enters your favourite drink!

Many colors to choose from so there’s no confusion
in your drinks!

Fits all beverage cans that you buy in the store.
Use it anywhere!

Bring it everywhere! To your picnics, barbeque parties,
camping, or even your small gatherings!

With just pop, you can drink from it instantly and you can
rotate it to cover the opening.


QUANTITY: 6pcs/pack

COLOR: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple (Color Will Be Sent Randomly)

INCLUDES:  Easy Can Opener 6pcs/pack

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