Flexible Octopus Tripod


Source of the Idea of Octopus Tripod

  • We’ve noticed that traditional tripods on the market struggle to adapt to complex terrains and offer limited shooting angles, these challenges can be frustrating for photography enthusiasts and travelers alike.
  • Because of this, we decided to develop a tripod that combines flexibility, portability, and practicality. After numerous attempts and improvements, we finally introduced this Octopus Tripod, Inspired by the adaptability and flexibility of an octopus, it can stably support cameras or phones in various terrains and scenes. Additionally, we added practical features such as wireless Bluetooth remote control and detachable ball heads to make shooting more effortless and enjoyable.
  • Our original intention was to help photography enthusiasts and travelers break free from the limitations of traditional tripods and capture beautiful moments, leaving unforgettable memories. We believe that this Octopus Tripod will become a reliable assistant for photography and travel lovers, making their shooting journey even more enjoyable.

Flexible Octopus Tripod

Its unique design allows it to wrap around and secure your smartphone, ensuring you get the perfect shot in any terrain or setting. Unleash your creativity and engage with your surroundings like never before, capturing stunning images with ease.


You can effortlessly transform from a stable desktop tripod to a handheld selfie stick or a portable action camera holder etc.

Detachable Ball Head

Achieve the perfect angle for every shot with our tripod’s detachable ball head, easily connect external video lights, microphones, and other equipment for seamless compatibility with smartphones, cameras,etc.Create professional-quality photos with ease and indulge in an unprecedented level of shooting pleasure.

360° Rotation

Capture breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable memories with our tripod’s 360-degree omnidirectional ball head. Effortlessly frame your subject from any angle and create stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Quick Disassembly, Effortless Switching

Embrace the convenience of removable design phone clip, allowing you to seamlessly answer phone calls and reply to messages whenever you need, effortlessly handle various tasks with ease, staying connected and efficiently throughout your day.

Sturdy Aluminum Alloy

Experience unmatched stability and precision with 638mm tripod’s robust aluminum extension pole, designed to provide a secure, slip-free shooting experience. Confidently capture shake-free images and videos with ease, taking your photography to new heights.

Free Your Hand, One Click Operation

Unleash your creativity and go hands-free with our wireless Bluetooth remote control. Effortlessly snap the perfect moment with a single click, making sure you never miss out on capturing those unforgettable memories. Experience unparalleled convenience and elevate your photography with our innovative remote control.

A Perfect Balance of Versatility, Portability and Stability

Experience limitless photography with our C03 Octopus Tripod! Whether you’re capturing a beachside sunset, documenting breathtaking views from a mountain peak, or preserving precious moments at home, our Octopus Tripod will be your reliable assistant. Its flexibility and stability ensure you get the perfect shot in any terrain and environment.



  • Load Capacity: 4.4lb / 2kg
  • Closed Length: 12.6″/ 32cm
  • Phone Holder Adjustment: 2.4″–3.5″ / 62mm–90mm
  • Weight: 11.3oz / 320g
  • Remote Shutter: Communication Distance 10M(30FT)

Package Contents

  • 1 x T30 Flexible Tripod with Ball Head
  • 1 x All-In-One Phone Holder
  • 1 x Remote Shutter
  • 1 x Action camera Tripod Mount Adapter
Flexible Octopus Tripod
Flexible Octopus Tripod
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