Foot Brace – Protect Your Toes


Foot Brace – Protect Your Toes

Foot Brace Protect Your Toes


If you suffer from toe overlap, bunion (Hallux Valgus) or toe abnormality, it is likely that your feet are sore, stiff or irritated at this time. But you don’t have to resign yourself to a life of bunion pain.

A natural and painless solution is in sight. The Foot Brace is professionally designed to reduce and remedy bunion pain and get you back on track.

Bunions are more common in women and become more common with age

|Precipitating factors: frequently wearing pointed shoes and high heels can induce bunions.(But not the only reason)
|Opinion: When an acute attack occurs, it can be relieved by improving shoes, reducing activities, etc., and go to the relevant hospital in time

|Expert advice:

It is recommended that patients wear loose shoes, avoid sharp-toed shoes, and can also wear a special bunion Brace. By placing a silicone pad on the bunion protrusions to reduce friction and relieve inflammation.

☑️Keep your toes straight and healthy – These gel straighteners help reduce friction and pressure between the toes by keeping them aligned while moving.

☑️Soft, flexible comfort – Made with a silicone gel, these corrective corrective bunion adjusters are lightweight, stretchable and slip between numbers with supportive comfort.

☑️ Supporting all-day illumination – ZenToes hammer toe splints can be worn at night or during the day while wearing tennis shoes, heels, boots, and other footwear.

☑️ Universal & Unisex – Both men and women can enjoy a proper bunion treatment with these silicone gel palms that extend to fit your personal foot size.

☑️Stain and odor resistant – These gel cushions are made of medical silicone that offers good orthopedic support and is resistant to stains, sweat and odor.

If you order the foot brace you will receive one for your left foot and one for your right foot.



The Foot Brace is the effective bunion treatment for long-lasting lighting. Our Foot Brace provides support and has a comfortable design making this a very inexpensive and comfortable form of treatment.

Unlike rigid bunion splints, bunion braces, toe spacers or bunion cushions, this Foot Brace can easily and comfortably be worn as an insert in any shoe.