Liquid Plastic Welding Kit


Liquid Plastic Welding Kit

Liquid Plastic Welding Kit

Fix anything, anywhere just in seconds with the Liquid Plastic Welding Kit! 

It features a pen-like structure to hold it properly without any hassle. In less than three steps your broken parts will be repaired. Firstly, you have to apply the liquid plastic through one end of the magic pen.

Next, you will use UV light which fixes and seals the broken edges completely. Your damage is repaired with a permanent and durable seal.


✔️ Our plastic welding kit is designed like a pen which has a liquid welder, battery, and UV light

✔️ It is made with the latest military-grade UV light technology so that enough intensity of light is created to seal the broken parts

✔️ It fixes the broken parts by quickly sealing the damaged parts

✔️ The glue can permanently repair plastic, metal, wood, glass, and many other types of products

✔️ Its efficient and simple technology allows it to be used by anybody

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