FreeCalculus Dissolving Dental Spray

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Say goodbye to bad breath, tonsils stones, and oral issues. Get the confidence you deserve!

Thoroughly whiten yellow teeth, remove tartar, dental plaque, tartar, stains, etc., bringing a full-scale oral cleansing experience.

Solve your teeth problems, create healthy teeth, make your teeth bright and shiny.

Clean the teeth and remove teeth stains resulted from smoking and drinking tea or coffee in a more effective way, whiten the yellow teeth.

How to Use:
Before use, please clean the mouth with warm water, spray the teeth with the Calculus, and hold in the mouth for 2 – 5 mins. Rinse with warm water until the plaque is wired clean.

Package Include: 1 x CalculusFree Dissolving Dental Spray

FreeCalculus Dissolving Dental Spray
FreeCalculus Dissolving Dental Spray