Woodworking Tool Adjustable Sliding Ruler


The adjustable sliding ruler is an indispensable tool in woodworking operations!

You can send the indexable ruler as a warm gift to your family members or friends who like doing woodworking, and this gift will help them finish their work.


Multiple Function

The woodworking right angle/triangle ruler is versatile for you, which can be a vernier caliper, a square, depth gauge, scriber, and a level, and they both work accurately at an angle 90 degrees or 45 degrees, allowing you to quickly and accurately ensure right angle, triangle and level marking.

Product Size And Design
The indexable right angle tool is approx 15 cm/ 30 cm, and the triangle tool is approx 30 cm/ 45 cm, proper size and nice design can provide accuracy and convenience for your panel layout work.

Reliable Material
The adjustable right angle/ triangle sliding ruler is made of aluminum alloy and ABS material, which has clear scale for legibility and long-lasting usage, makes you easier to use and slide the ruler for your measurement.

Widely Applicable
The indexable ruler will help you repair furniture or make manual art, and the smooth edges can make you not have to worry about errors during the measuring process, helping your project or work to be finished well.


MODEL 15cm right angle, 30cm right angle, 30cm triangle, 45cm triangle
  • Woodworking Tool Adjustable Sliding Ruler × 1
Woodworking Tool Adjustable Sliding Ruler
Woodworking Tool Adjustable Sliding Ruler
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