Furniture Dent Repair Paste

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Make your home furniture SMOOTH and DENT-FREE!

Fix SEVERE uneven surface, noticeable dents & scratches, or even wide gaps EASILY!

The solution is just at your fingertips… Professional repair is now made easy with the help of this Furniture Dent Repair Paste!

What else do you expect? This is a fast, easy, safe, and 100% budget-wise repair kit!

Restore Old and Damaged wooden furniture EASILY!

Repairs furniture, walls, cabinets, and floors faster than your carpenter… Just apply and wipe away! Easy peasy!

Fixes scratches, scuffs, holes, and more!

It has fast-drying and shape-adapting properties making it even more convenient for the user!

Do you need any professional help with this? NO!!


Because this Furniture Dent Repair Paste is made with easy-to-apply SAFE waterbased lacquer solvent!

No professional tools needed at all…

Non-toxic, Eco-Friendly, 100% Safe

Are you going to ask about the finish?

Leaves absolutely ZERO mess or stain to the surface! No white marks, damages, burns or whatsoever.

Non-damaging formula for ALL wood types!

You will not even notice the restored part even if you look into it in a closer view!

This Furniture Dent Repair Paste also offers different color shades to suit your various repair needs

Mix and Match with ANY Wood Tone or Color!

The game-changer furniture repair kit is here:

Furniture Dent Repair Paste

Never be afraid of any furniture damage from now on! Grab yours NOW!!


Main Ingredient/s: Waterbased Lacquer Solvent

Container Size: 12 x 3 cm

Net Content: 25 g

Available Colors: Pure White, Warm White, Silver Fir, Ivory White, Natural Cherry, Space Gray, Black Walnut, Teak, Red Brown, Pure Black

Package Options:

  • 1 PC. ONLY – Get 1pc. Furniture Dent Repair Paste (Choose from Colors available)
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Furniture Dent Repair Paste
Original price was: $28.90.Current price is: $12.95. Select options