Groomhang-Pet Grooming Hammock

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Groomhang-Pet Grooming Hammock

Pet Grooming Done Right

Grooming can be very stressful for your household pets. Ease their fears with our comfy hammock and enjoy grooming, trimming, and bathing your cats and dogs without any trouble!

Groomhang lets you restrain your pet comfortably up high so you can work on them without having to fight, hold them in place, or stress them out! It’s what every conscious owner needs!

Once you fit their paws in the holes and hang them somewhere comfortable, you will be able to save up on time and do all the grooming quickly, painlessly, and even with a smile!

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Comfortable trimming – Help your buddy stay calm while you do the trimming, and easily keep them in place while you cut their nails!

Stress-free grooming: Elevated in their comfy hammock, your pets will stay relaxed as you groom them from a comfortable position!

Painless bathing- Tired of fighting before every bath time, pacify your grumpy friend to ensure no one will get hurt as you bathe them!

Groomhang is the ultimate choice – Cradle your little ones in a swaddle and watch calmness and relaxation take over as you groom, trim and wash them with ease!

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Groomhang-Pet Grooming Hammock
Original price was: $59.90.Current price is: $29.95. Select options