Hair Reboot Organic Fabric Spray


Hair Reboot Organic Fabric Spray

 Designed to make hair look thicker and fuller instantly. Applying them easy and also help to enhance the overall look of the hair.

This hair fiber is made of natural plant fiber, which can immediately cover the baldness, sparseness and spots on the temples, parts, top and sides of the head. 

These hair fibers have a natural “real hair” texture and perfect luster, making thin hair thick.


Using natural plant materials, it is fresh and has no peculiar smell. It is safe and harmless to human body. Suitable for all hair types.

Simple and convenient to use. Dry and shape as usual. Shake or spray on the sparse area and the fiber will immediately stick to your existing hair. Lightly pat the hair to disperse the fibers.

Net weight 28g / bottle
Ingredients Natural plant raw materials
Color Black / dark brown / medium brown / light brown / medium blonde / light blonde / grey / white / Auburn
Package Contents Hair Reboot Organic Fabric Spray × 1
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