Sportex Bluetooth Earphones

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Sportex Bluetooth Earphones

The Sportex Bluetooth Earphones are designed to help you stay alert to your surroundings, while still enjoying your music! SAFETY FIRST!


  • Bone conduction technology. The transmission of sound vibrations to the inner ear allows you to perceive sound without blocking the ear canal. Even more simply put: it’s sound that is delivered directly to the inner ear without needing to pass through the eardrum. 

  • Made to move with you. Lightweight and flexible that’s designed to move with you. The wraparound titanium fits most head shapes and ensures comfortable long-term wear.
  • Open-ear comfort. No wires. No bulk. No limits. Bone conduction technology leaves ears bud-free and open to ambient sound, while the design allows for all-day listening.
  • Long battery life. With 6 hours of battery life and easy commands such as play, skip, pause, and back-a-track, you can enjoy music, calls, audiobooks, and podcasts all day long.
  • Bluetooth technology. Powered by Bluetooth V4.2 that ensures quick pairing without the hassle of connecting every time you put them on. Premium audio experience every time.

  • Waterproof. Repels sweat, dust, and moisture. Water-resistant and durable.


  • Waterproof Rating: IPX6
  • Bluetooth Chip: 5.1 (33ft. signal)
  • Net Weight: 20g
  • Endurance: 8+ hours (after a full charge)
  • Color: Black / White


  • 1 x  Sportex Bluetooth Earphones 
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