Hexagon Self Defense Emergency Ring


Hexagon Self Defense Emergency Ring

Protect yourself from criminals with the Hexagon Self Defense Emergency Ring! With its sturdy and strong material, you will be able to escape danger in no time!

Use it to break a car window in case you got stuck and need to get out of your car.

In case you need something to break, use it for your advantage! The Hexagon Self Defense Emergency Ring is very durable which makes it strong against any surface!

The Hexagon Self Defense Emergency Ring can be used to protect yourself from criminals especially when you’re always walking alone on the streets!

The Self Defense EmergencyRing is small, which makes it easily stored in your pocket or backpack when you travel.

With its concealable design, you can easily and quietly pop it out whenever you are in danger!

The Hexagon Self Defense EmergencyRing is made of high-quality steel. Fine workmanship along with a smooth surface allows for a design that will not scratch your body when using.

Size: 2.2 cm diameter
Steel Alloy
Package Inclusion:
1 x Self Defense Ring