Holographic Projection Screen


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    ✨✨ Holographic projection screen ✨✨

    💫 Easily and simply turn zoom into a holographic chat to create your personal music holographic performance or holographic stage for live broadcast.💫


    Our product is the first portable transparent projection screen, simplifying the creation of average holographic projections for the average non-technical users.

    The transparent projection screen refracts directional light from the projector, and we can see a spectacular translucent image.

    Images with black backgrounds look spectacular. The projector can’t render the black color, so we see an object floating in the air.

    For Work

    We invite you to use our products to improve your quality work. You can effectively zoom in to a meeting through the display of the holographic interlocutor on the screen. You can use the main monitor to executes tasks in parallel.

    For Fun

    Our products are designed to enhance the experience of listening to music. Its special software can recognize sounds and visualize the music on the screen by dynamic background and fantastic effects.


    Support for both Windows and macOS

    Standalone: Background music, microphone, etc.

    Has advanced hardware-accelerated rendering engine.

    Unlimited expandability: create and control your own visuals

    Easy to use on-screen menus for control and customization

    Extensive library of additional and exclusive visuals

    One year of free updates

    Changing position: locking in portrait or landscape mode


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Holographic Projection Screen