Magic Flying Butterfly Wind Up Toys


Magic Flying Butterfly Wind Up Toys

Magic Flying Butterfly Wind Up Toys

Enjoy a surprise and set hearts fluttering with these Magic Butterflies that really fly.

Simply wind the wings and tuck the butterfly into a card or a book. When your unsuspecting recipient opens the book, the lovely butterflies will spring to life! You might want to issue a gentle warning to anyone who is easily startled…

These ingenious little rubberband-powered creatures can be used over and over again. Try loading multiple butterflies at a time to create a kaleidoscopic swarm.

Loved by all ages-  make a memorable memories that will be kept forever!


  • Flying from your gift card and book. Surprising gift for children,coooooooool! Give them a surprise!
  • 5 colors, beautiful plastic magic flying butterflies
  • Easy to use: The left hand holding the butterfly tail do not move, the right-hand turns the butterfly’s head 40 or so
  • You can also clip the butterfly in a book or a card, and give a surprise to the person who opens the book or card
  • Fun For All Ages. Multi-color random delivery. Great gif cards for stocking stuffers


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