Instant Blemish Removal Gel

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Remove moles & freckles at home without pain or surgery!

Say goodbye to unwanted moles, freckles, and blemishes within a week! The Instant Blemish Removal Gel is a cost-effective and natural remover for any skin imperfections.

You don’t have to spend a fortune or endure uncomfortable treatments for picture-perfect skin anymore! Not only does it work on the face, but it’s also effective in other areas of the body including the arms, legs, and bikini line. Feel and look your best with the Instant BlemishRemoval Gel!

Specification: 15ml

Applicable skin: neutral, universal, oily, dry, sensitive, mixed

Ingredients: jojoba oil, arbutin, sodium hyaluronate

Shelf life: 3 years

Package includes: 1 x Instant BlemishRemoval Gel

Instant Blemish Removal Gel