Instant Hog Ring Pliers

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Instant Hog Ring Pliers


Instant Hog Ring Pliers

Need to attach a lot of hog rings to properly secure animal cages?

You’ll need these Instant Hog Ring Pliers. They make a quick, easy job out of fixing cage rings tightly when constructing pens and fences.

STRONG & DURABLE – The pliers are constructed out of ultra wear-resistant manganese steel. They are built to handle long hours of hog ring and fence clip placement or adjustment. The handles are plastic grips that are ergonomic for comfortable use over an extended period.

SPEEDY ONE-HANDED OPERATION – This tool is designed to enable semi-automatic insertion of metal loop fasteners to link together fencing, staple meshes, and secure cages. You won’t waste time attaching rings by hand and twisting them to fit tightly. The spring-loaded magazine feeds forward the cage clip for instant crimping in a single action. This speeds up the time you spend affixing multiple hog rings.

MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS – You can use the pliers to install fencing, shade cloth, wire mesh, netting, screens and more. Easily construct rabbit cages, poultry cages, chicken coops, chicken runs, hamster cages, pigeon coops, animal pens and more.

Effortlessly secure cages with multiple metal staples. Get the Instant Hog RingPliers today.


Material/s: Manganese Steel & Plastic

Cage Clip Size: 1.8 cm

Net Weight of Pliers: 300 g / 10.58 oz

Dimensions of Pliers: 185 x 150 x 125 mm / 7.27 x 5.9 x 4.91 in

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. Instant Hog RingPliers / Box of 600 M-shaped Cage Clips

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