SnapClean Toy Stain Remover

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SnapClean Toy Stain Remover

Instantly Remove Unsightly Toy Stain In Minutes!

SnapClean Toy StainRemover is here to safe the. Tough toy stain can easily be removed with SnapClean.

Premium Cleaning Agent

Effectively remove years of tough stains accumulated in just a spray and a wipe. No tough stain is too tough for SnapClean and new looking toy can be achieved almost instantly. 

Easy & Fast Remove
Easily, tough toy stain is removed without scrapping or hard scrubbing. Simply Spray & Wipe! Perfect for any tough toy stain.

Safe & Non Toxic Formula

Non-abrasive & non-damaging! Making SnapClean suitable for cleaning all types of toy – your ultimate solution to any toy stain.

Restore Toy Stain To Sparkling Clean With SnapClean Toy StainRemover!

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Material: SnapClean proprietary toy stain remover agent

Net Weight: 57g

Package Inclusion/s: 1 PC SnapClean Toy StainRemover

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SnapClean Toy Stain Remover