Welcome LED Car Logo Lights Fit for All Model

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Welcome LED Car Logo Lights Fit for All Model

Perfect fit! Genius product.easy upgrade.

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  • 👉INSTALLATION EFFECT: When you open the car door,you will see the Bright and vivid logo light projects on the ground. it will be turn off when you close the door.

  • 👉HD PROJECTION FILM & HD LENS: Using a high-brightness Led bulb with 500 lumens, the light passes through a high-definition heat-resistant film, and after passing through an ultra-high-definition lens, an undistorted and decolorized pattern will be displayed on the ground.

  • 👉BETTER CHIP DECODING TECHNOLOGY: Used newest car decoding circuit chip, will not conflict with car software. Use high-quality circuit boards and parts, which can carry more current, absolutely eliminate the noise caused by high current.

  • 👉HIGH HEAT DISSIPATION EFFICIENCY: Cooling system is made with nano-superconducting aluminum heat sink, low-power chip and Led bulb, parts that stabilize the current to ensure high temperature resistant and heat dissipation efficiency.

  • 👉Plug and play! No drilling, no disassembling, no damage to your car. Some models need converted wiring, but don’t worry, the package already contains 4 converted wiring to ensure that customers can easily and smoothly install.
  • Fits for BMW  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for AUDI  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for BENZ  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for TRSLA  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for LEXUS  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for NISSAN ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for HONDA ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for HYUNDAI  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for KIA  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for TOTOTA  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for VOLVO  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for FORD  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for MAZDA  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for BUICK  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for CHEVROLET  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for CADILLACS  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for INFINTI  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for JEEP  ALL MODEL Series
  • Fits for SUBARU  ALL MODEL Series

Welcome LED Car Logo Lights Fit for All Model

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Welcome LED Car Logo Lights Fit for All Model
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