LED Light Fishing Bite Alarm




This alarm fishing tool is very sensitive, but it is not affected by the external environment such as electric current and wind, Don’t worry about the sirens damaging the fishing line. As long as the fish bites the hook, the fishing alarm will alert you immediately.


The LED Light Fishing Bite Alarm is designed with loud sound! Once the fish bites the hook, the fishing siren will make a loud sound to attract your attention. No matter how far away you are or you are busy, you will not miss any fish.


The sirens are equipped with LED lights, which can emit bright lights when fishing in the dark night, so there is no need to worry about not seeing fish in the dark waters. Of course, this product is also suitable for daytime, not limited by time, so you can enjoy leisure time at any time.


The alarm is suitable for different types of fishing rods, it is very convenient to use for you. Suitable for sea fishing, ice fishing, fly fishing, bass fishing, trout fishing, kayak fishing and pier fishing in different terrain.

Material: PP + LED

Size: 80 mm x 45 mm


Color: Sky Blue / Black

1 x LED Light Fishing Bite Alarm

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LED Light Fishing Bite Alarm
LED Light Fishing Bite Alarm
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