Mens Hair Topper


Mens Hair Topper
Mens Hair Topper

This is the ultimate solution for men who are fighting hair loss. With our Men’s Hair Toppera full head of hair isn’t a dream!
Men's Hair Topper

Mimic the look and feel of biological hair. The thin micro skin-base makes the hairpiece undetectable, offering a seamless, natural hairline. Also, its clip-on design allows better air circulation, keeping the hairpiece secure and 100% wind-proof!

Feel free to enhance your look with styling gelrestore your confidence without Men’s Hair Topper!


  • Premium Synthetic Hair
    Adds 80% volume to thinning hair with a seamless, natural finish.
    Men's Hair Topper
  • Natural Looking
    The fiber is designed to look and feel like natural hair. The hand-knotted design creates the appearance of natural hair growth.
    Men's Hair Topper
  • Undetectable Hairline
    A micro skin base hairpiece is undetectable and seamless which imitates real human scalp.
  • Wind-Proof
    Clip-on keep the hairpiece in place under windy conditions.
  • Breathable
    Opening wefting in the cap allows better air ventilation and provides coolness on the scalp
  • Easy to Style
    Ready-to-wear, or styled with styling gel to enhance the look.


  • Material: Premium synthetic hair fiber
  • Hair Topper Length: 15cm / 20cm
  • Color: Black | Dark Brown | Light Brown

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Mens Hair Topper

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