Multipurpose Translucent Visual Sticky Note


Multipurpose Translucent Visual Sticky Note
Multipurpose Translucent Visual Sticky Note

Multipurpose Translucent Visual Sticky Note

These see through sticky notes are made of waterproof material, you can also see the contents of the books when you use them.You can paste these transparent sticky notes on the smooth and flat surface to remind you of what you need to do or leave a message to someone.

Suitable for reading notes, books, magazines, folders, organizers, diaries, catalogs, files, documents and more, a wide range of applications.

  • Make a mark on books & important documents
  • Edit the document without permanently changing it.
  • Seeing through the notes, improving your work and study efficiency.
  • Can be removed cleanly and reposition easily.
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easily write and reposition.
  • The tracing paper function , help you draw and trace any image.


  • Translucent Sticky Notes: Translucent sticky notes to see through notes without permanently covering or altering text but call attention to the remarks.

  • Wide Application: These clear notes can be used not only add notes on books or make marks on important documents, but also stick them on smooth surfaces to leave messages. It also has a tracing paper features, you can use these transparent sticky notes to draw or describe any image, bringing you unlimited creativity.

  • Made of premium PET : Material, which are strong and firm, can be applied for a long time without fading or wrinkling; Their surface is smooth, soft and comfortable to touch, giving you a good experience

  • Removable Adhesive: Translucent stickies can be removed cleanly and reposition easily with no residue on page. It can be pasted on notebooks, books, desktops, computer screens and other items according to your actual needs, convenient to use.

  • Waterproof Small Notepad: Made of transparent PET material which is waterproof and oil resistant, pocket sticky notes allows you to mark down important notes and preserved.

Warm Note

  • Use pens and sticky notes to highlight important information in the book instead of writing directly on the book;
  • since the self stick notes are waterproof, the ink will dry slowly, so please do not touch it with your hands after writing; It is recommended to write with a ballpoint pen or pencil
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