PickyPooch Potty Training Spray

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PickyPooch Potty Training Spray

While potty training is never easy, doing so can help you as a dog owner prepare for a happy, healthy co-existence with your furry pets. During this training period, always remember to be patient, remain calm, and be consistent. Any strict training method has to be avoided as this can stress your dog out and discourage them even more. Instead, go for a more humane potty training alternative with the PickyPooch Potty Training Spray!

  • EASY POTTY TRAINING – Unlike the usual potty training, it’s perfect for a busy pet parent as it helps you train your dogs of all ages where to urinate or potty by just spraying on a specific area, helping them know where to go.

  • PHEROMONE SCENTS – Made with a long-lasting concentrated formula with proprietary scent like grass which attracts your dog’s sensitive nose and helps them go to your preferred potty location.

  • SHORTER HOUSEBREAKING – No need to yell or swat, simply spray to your preferred potty location! It shortens the potty training process by instilling a PEE POINT, thus reducing the number of accidents and messes around the house. Plus, it’s a safe and humane alternative to harsh potty training methods.

  • SAFER TO USE – Made with eco-friendly, alcohol-free formula, and all-natural ingredients which are all guaranteed safe to use around other pets and children when used as directed.

  • FRESHER HOME – Not only can it train your pet but it also can remove stains and odor, which also can make you keep your house fresh and kill bacteria for your family’s health.

  • EASY TO USE – Simply shake well and spray a small amount of the product onto the surface where you want your puppy to urinate. Place your puppy in the area sprayed and allow him to sniff the scent, praise him when he performs well. Continue the training process by re-applying the product and taking your puppy back to the spot frequently.
  • WIDE APPLICATION – Can be used in different areas of your house but is highly encouraged to be used for indoors and outdoors, artificial grass, and puppy pads.

Train your furry friend to housebreak easier with the PickyPooch Potty Training Spray and make potty training a breeze!


Net Content: 60ml

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