Transparent Protective Furniture Wrap Film

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Transparent Protective Furniture Wrap Film

Keep your prized furniture scuff-free and scratch-free!

Try this Transparent Protective Furniture Wrap Film! A clear layer that safeguards your tables, counters and desktops from all potential hazards.

ALL-AROUND PROTECTION – Durable PET film defends surfaces against scratches, stains, chipping and fragmentation. The anti-UV material prevents rapid aging and fading from exposure. It is oil-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof and mold-proof.

FLAME RESISTANT – The protective wrap will stand up to high temperatures of up to 180° C. It does not react to burning objects that come into contact with it. Short-term exposure to fire will leave no traces on the protected area.

ENHANCES THE LOOK OF FURNITURE – The high-gloss, reflective wrap makes surfaces shine. They will always look clean and new. The material is perfectly transparent, so that colors and designs can be seen clearly.

NO-FUSS INSTALLATION – This self-adhesive film is easy to apply to a flat surface! First, clean the surface of dirt and debris. Peel the film off the roll, cut it to the right size, and lay it on top of the surface. Scrape away any bubbles or wrinkles. You can apply it in minutes. No sticky residue!

Outfit your valued furniture with invisible anti-scratch protection. Order the Transparent Protective Furniture Wrap Film now!



Material: PET Film

Size Options: 30 x 100 cm / 40 x 100 cm / 50 x 100 cm

Package Inclusion/s: 1 roll of Transparent Protective Furniture Wrap Film

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